Goat-tastic Experiences

Therapy goats don't stop at just yoga
Don't just Yoga, Goga

Goat Yoga

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Goat Yoga, a unique fusion of playful goat interaction and the serenity of yoga practice. In each class, our friendly micro Australian dwarf goats roam freely, encouraging light-heartedness and laughter as you flow through yoga poses. This delightful experience not only aims to boost your mood and flexibility but also offers the therapeutic benefits of animal-assisted therapy. Join us at GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga for a session that promises relaxation, joy, and an unforgettable connection with our gentle therapy goats.

Cow Cuddling Class

Moosah Hour!

Welcome to Moosah Hour, our intimate cow cuddling class designed to soothe the soul and warm the heart. Spend a serene hour with Moosah, our miniature Angus therapy cow, engaging in activities like brushing, feeding, and playful interaction with his favorite ball. This gentle experience is tailored to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase positive emotional connection through the tender act of cuddling. Embrace the calming presence of Moosah and enjoy a moment of tranquility in the company of a loving animal friend.

Hosted by Keon and a Friend

Couples Goga

Introducing Couples Goga Adventure, a unique blend of connection, play, and yoga, meticulously crafted by Keon and a friend to deepen bonds amidst the playful company of goats. This special session, priced at $225 for an hour, invites couples to explore yoga flows designed for two, offering a chance to support and uplift each other while interacting with friendly goats. It's more than just yoga; it's a memorable experience that combines the therapeutic presence of animals with the joy of shared movement, creating a space where laughter, relaxation, and connection flourish, making every moment on the mat an investment in your relationship and well-being.
Journey with the Herd

Hiking with Goats

Set out on a soul-refreshing 1-hour hike flanked by our spirited hiking goats. These therapy goats, hailing from GGA Farm in Tucker – Atlanta's tranquil oasis, will trot alongside as you traverse nature’s trails. Our hikes take place at a variety of nature trails all around the metro-Atlanta areas. While the hikes are an exception, remember that our other classes can be experienced right at the heart of Tucker's GGA Farm or at a location of your choice in bustling Atlanta.

Strengthen & Stretch with Jenn Allen

Pilates with Goats

Hosted at the serene GGA Farm in Tucker or your chosen Atlanta location, our 1-hour pilates session is an Atlanta favorite. Led by our proficient instructor, Jenn Allen, and enhanced by our Tucker-trained therapy goats, experience a blend of core strengthening, Atlanta's energy, and delightful goat interactions.

Serenity & Sounds

Meditation with Goats

In the peaceful corners of GGA Farm in Tucker or your preferred spot in Atlanta, dive into 45 minutes of serene, guided meditation. With therapy goats enhancing your tranquility, and the spirit of Atlanta enveloping the session, you're promised a harmonious blend of mindfulness and nature.

Hosted by Keon & Nikki

Reiki with Goats

This summer, immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind healing experience with our monthly Reiki with Goats session, hosted by Keon and Nikki. In this hour-long journey, discover the harmonious blend of Reiki's gentle energy healing and the playful, grounding presence of goats. As Keon and Nikki guide you through a serene Reiki session, the goats will meander around and interact with participants, enhancing the healing process with their curious and affectionate nature. This unique combination not only promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction but also fosters a connection to nature and the comforting energies of these loving animals. Experience the benefits of energy healing amplified by the joyful spirit of goats in a setting that encourages emotional release, mindfulness, and a profound sense of peace. Join us for this special offering and let the summer be a time of rejuvenation for your mind, body, and spirit. PRE-REGISTRATION BEGINS IN APRIL 2024!
Channel Your Inner Goat!

Kids Goat Yoga

Curated for young enthusiasts, this session is conducted either at the therapy goat haven of GGA Farm in Tucker or any vibrant setting across Atlanta. In this 1-hour blend of yoga and farm learning, kids get a taste of both Tucker's serenity and Atlanta's zest.

Boost Team Morale with Goats

Corporate Events

Whether you're in the tranquil heart of Tucker's GGA Farm or the lively streets of Atlanta, our goats bring unmatched joy to personal and corporate events. Tailored to fit your event's essence, it's not just a gathering, but a therapy goat extravaganza, exuding Atlanta's vibrant spirit. Contact us to curate a memorable event.
Goat Meet & Greet Sessions


Turn any Tucker or Atlanta event into a sensation with our Rent-A-Goat service. Whether at GGA Farm or your chosen location, our therapy goats, backed by skilled handlers, promise an educative and delightful bonding session, echoing Atlanta's lively vibe. "Goat Time" is in full effect with these sessions!
For the Influencers

Social Media Session

Step into a world where creativity meets nature in our exclusive Social Media Session, tailored for influencers seeking an idyllic backdrop for their content. For $375, enjoy a 1.5-hour private encounter with two goats and a baby cow, the perfect co-stars for captivating your audience. This session is designed to accommodate you, a cameraman, and a support crew member, ensuring a seamless production experience without exceeding a five-person limit. Dive into the freedom of filming anywhere on our picturesque farm, exploring various scenic spots that promise to enhance your shots with natural beauty and charm. Capture engaging content alongside our friendly animals, each moment filled with the potential to enchant your followers and showcase the serene side of life. To book this unique opportunity, please reach out to us via call or email. Let our farm's serene environment and charming residents be the canvas for your next viral post.
Adopt a Goat Temporarily


Experience the joy of fostering one of our goats from GGA Farm GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga. Choose from an 8-hour daytime or 16-hour overnight slot. At GGA Farm in Tucker, we offer the exclusive opportunity to foster a therapy goat. And while fostering is rooted in the tranquility of the GGA Farm in Tucker, this experience allows you to have a goat in all parts of Atlanta, and the nearby areas. Note: Participants must meet our criteria to partake in this special program.