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Join a class of goat yoga to relax and unwind on a peaceful journey! GGA Goat Yoga in Atlanta (north-metro). Look for us in Tucker, Georgia!

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GGA Goat Yoga was showcased on FOX 5 and Atlanta News First! Known for offering Goat Yoga in Atlanta and adventurous activities like hiking with goats, Kaitlyn Pratt and Don Shipman perfectly encapsulated our ethos. At GGA, we're driven by a mission: ushering individuals towards mental health awareness through animal-assisted therapy and meditation.
When there's goats, there's yoga

What is Goat Yoga, AKA Goga?

Goat Yoga in Atlanta, affectionately termed "Goga", involves participants engaging in various yoga poses and breathing exercises, all while in the serene company of goats. Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, this unique Atlanta experience leads yogis on a path to relaxation and meditation.
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Why Goats?

Goats, particularly therapy goats, are more than just cute faces. These intelligent beings form deep connections, often viewing humans as members of their own tribe. Their presence is a testament to pure joy and uplifting energy.
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What consists of Goat Yoga in Atlanta?

Immerse yourself in mindful meditation and breathing techniques under the guidance of a seasoned yoga instructor. All while our playful dwarf goats keep you company, hopping about, perhaps climbing onto you, or taking a peaceful nap beside you.
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What are some benefits?

Dive deep into a holistic healing session grounded in Hatha yoga, enhanced by the therapeutic touch of animals. Complemented by the serene vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl, this experience offers profound insights and alignment with your seven chakras.
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We offer other Experiences

If yoga with goats isn't your style, fret not! We have a myriad of other goat-tastic activities waiting for you.
We also host 2 monthly goat yoga class at

Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore

Experience goat yoga like never before at Sandy Springs, nestled within the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. This unique venue is a haven of serenity, brimming with energy stones, chakra studies, meditation resources, and so much more.

Our exclusive classes are available on two Saturday afternoons each month. Slots fill rapidly, so secure yours by contacting P&D directly.

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5531 Roswell Rd NE,
Sandy Springs, GA 30342

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(404) 255-5207

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When GGA goat kids are not doing Goat Yoga in Atlanta, obviously they are eating non-stop. Therefore, we ensure the best diet to keep their coats shiny, their hooves strong, and their horns mighty. Your contribution will enable us to support our superstar goats. We are very grateful for your generosity. All amounts help and no amount is too small.
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Rated and Reviewed

This was amazing, seriously 10/10! Great trail, adorable goats, and a very informative guide. The hike itself is very nice and it’s great to have a few photo opportunities with the goats and to be able to pick them up. Highly recommend! -Jennifer Rivera
Lovely experience--yoga in a quiet serene outdoor setting surrounded by dwarf goats. This was about the goats--the yoga session was animal poses almost exclusively by a really great instructor. I would take his classes anywhere but truthfully, I think we all were focused on the goats. They roam freely and are not bashful about approaching you while in poses, it's good fun. There was a tiny baby (bottle feeding still) that was irresistible. The hosts are kind and thoughtful people who seem motivated for guests to have a good experience. Highly recommend -Marilyn C
GA Dwarf Goat Yoga is GREAT!!! - I would highly recommend it. There was no pressure and it was laid back. Fun for the whole family or just one person - trying to unplug - they will definitely make you feel welcome. The class from start to finish was well organized and the whole stuff is AMAZING!!! The goats were ADORABLE!!! - very well groomed and well behaved. We enjoyed our time here so much - can't wait to come back very soon!!!! -I Piatek
Goat Yoga in Atlanta was amazing. I took my girls, 11 and 15 and they loved it. This was our first yoga session and Young, the yoga instructor was patient and knowledgeable. The best part of course, were the dwarf goats! They joined our session and there were tons of opportunities to get pictures with them while in our yoga poses. The environment was relaxing and inviting. My girls and I will be back to do another session. I’d recommend GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga to everyone! It was a well organized and professional event. The experience went above and beyond my expectations. Do yourself a favor and join a session!!! -Judy Penuel
Hiking with goats was EVERYTHING! You could tell that the goats are very well taken care of and loved. Not only did we have a pleasant experience with the goats, Gigi educated us about goats throughout the hike. The customer service throughout the process was phenomenal from registering to paying, to the day of the hike. Any questions that I had, Sabrina responded to in a timely manner and was always warm and friendly. I'd highly recommend this business and their adventures! -Lynetta Marie
We loved hiking with goats! The guide Gigi was so nice and taught us so much about these adorable goats. The key thing was to keep on moving because we're the herd! I loved getting to pick them up and hold them too. Changed my hiking experience forever!!! This is a must-do! -Regina Ting Chen
Today I had my first goat yoga class and it was such a fun experience. The goats were sweet, gentle, and adorable. They were easy to interact with, and probably enjoyed class as much as I did. The location is also a nice place to practice yoga. -Tangie Lewis
I throughly enjoyed this experience. From beginning to end. Registration was friendly and easy. The area was peaceful and clean. Our teacher Young was knowledgeable and patient. The goats were people friendly and created a zen like energy while doing yoga. I’m coming back but this time with friends. -Marjorie Thomas
You asked, we answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
If you search for goat yoga near me, goat yoga Atlanta or goat yoga Tucker, we will pop right up. We are in north-metro Atlanta, in the city of Tucker, GA. It is about 20 minutes out from the city.
Are they really miniature goats?
YES! All of our goats are miniature! Our biggest goat is 30 Ibs. Our smallest is small enough to fit in one hand.
How many goats attend each class?
This number varies by the amount of registered clients for that class, but typically, we try to have a 1 to 3 ratio, meaning, in a class of 9 people, 3 goats would attend.
How large is the class size?
The class size ranges between 3-20 people. Most classes are around 10 people or so.
Can we feed the goats?
YES! We will provide their hearty grains to every client for you to feed them.
Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
Yes we ask that every client brings their own yoga mat. In the event you forget your mat or don't own one, we have them available to borrow FREE OF CHARGE!
What is the age limit to attend a class?
There is NO AGE LIMIT to goga or any of our other classes. We are an all-inclusive company and we love to have children attend. We only ask that if you bring your child, you ensure they are not running or screaming during class, or playing rough with any of the goats. You know your child best, so please make the best decision here.
What level yoga is practiced?
We are geared towards beginner/intermediate level yoga. If you wish for advanced poses, please let your instructor know to provide you substitution poses.
What is your refund policy?
Please click to review our refund policy.
What if the goats have to go potty?
We come equipped with cleaning supplies to every class, if there is a spill, we clean it up faster than the speed of goats!