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Young Washington

Young, an accomplished yoga instructor, brings over 15 years of rich teaching experience to Atlanta's yoga community. His journey began at Spacific Healing in McDonough, Georgia, unfolding a career marked by diversity and a profound impact. His teachings have graced various spaces from commercial gyms and Montessori schools to hospitals and country clubs. His noteworthy collaborations include contracts with County Governments and the Atlanta Housing Authority, emphasizing his dedication to making yoga accessible to a broader audience, including older adults.

A recent recipient of a prestigious certification from the nationally accredited Fitour (2023), Young currently anchors his daily practice at the Community Wellness Center on Peachtree, where he fosters a nurturing environment for holistic wellness.

Now in his second year of teaching Goat Yoga, Young seamlessly integrates the therapeutic charm of animal-assisted therapy with yoga’s transformative essence, marking an innovative addition to his multifaceted fitness offerings. His approach embodies a blend of tradition and creativity, ensuring each session is a uniquely enriching experience.
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Kayla Weiner

Yoga, Meditation
Kayla is a 200 HR RYT specializing in Hatha, Yin, & Children's Yoga. She started yoga 9 years ago while competing as a nationally qualified sponsored bikini fitness athlete. She fell in love with yoga through her practice and started teaching children's, Hatha, and Yin Yoga in 2022. She's currently in my 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy and in training to receive her prenatal yoga certification. Once certified she will be offering prenatal classes and workshops. Her focus areas include breath, balance, and flexibility.
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Keon Roebuck

Keon stands as a luminous figure in the realm of holistic wellness, skillfully weaving the artistry of Restorative, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga to craft experiences that rejuvenate both mind and body. His deep understanding as a Reiki Master Therapist and Sacred Medicine Practitioner offers clients a transformative journey of energy healing intertwined with physical vigor. Keon's versatility extends to his roles as a Guided Meditation leader and Group Fitness Instructor. With the resonant harmonies of Sound Healing Therapy also in his arsenal, Keon is more than just an instructor; he is a beacon of transformative wellness, guiding individuals towards a balanced and enriched life.
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Rebecca Steele

Rebecca believes that yoga should be accessible to all, completely personal, and in a safe and inclusive environment. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
She meets each client exactly where they are and becomes an advocate for their whole-body health through her vast knowledge and genuine connection. Her approach is to empower each individual on their wellness journey by building a “toolbox” of poses, movements, and breathing techniques to seamlessly weave into every lifestyle. Her practice is focused on using the body as a gateway to the mind.

Rebecca has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2012. She began her career as a Yoga Therapist in 2013 after being drawn to the field due to her personal experiences with Rheumatoid Arthritis, anxiety and mental health conditions in her family. She holds a certification as a Certified Yoga Therapist with The International Association of Yoga Therapists, E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance and has recently added Thai Yoga Bodywork to her services. She has worked with clients of all ages, abilities, and conditions but is particularly passionate about mental health, trauma and autoimmune conditions.

Outside of yoga, you can find Rebecca chasing her 3 spirited kiddos (and growing number of furbabies), cooking for friends or relaxing with a good/trashy novel.
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Spencer Shack

Spencer emerges as a vibrant presence in the world of outdoor adventure, passionately uniting the thrill of hiking with the charm of goats. His journey with GGA blossomed from a desire to connect with like-minded enthusiasts who cherish animals, exploration, and physical activity. Intrigued by the goats' playful nature, their agile mountain-climbing skills, and their compassionate demeanor, Spencer found his true calling. He expertly guides hikers through Georgia's scenic trails, offering an enriching experience alongside our family of dwarf goats. More than just a guide, Spencer is an ambassador of outdoor learning, inviting you to join the herd and embark on a journey that celebrates the beauty of nature and the joy of companionship.
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Jenn Allen

In 2006, Jenn Allen pivoted from corporate America to embrace a fulfilling path in health and wellness. By 2007, she emerged as a dedicated Personal Fitness Trainer, specializing in invigorating boot camp sessions. Jenn's passion took a deeper turn in 2010 when she explored the world of Pilates on a Balanced Body Reformer and later enhanced her expertise with an advanced certification through ACE.

A continuous learner, Jenn transitioned to Classical Pilates by 2013, completing comprehensive training with BalancedBody. Her commitment led her to learn from classical Pilates stalwarts like Kathi Ross-Nash and Jay Grimes.

Achieving her certification from the now-renamed NPCP in 2015, Jenn's expertise found a home at Club Pilates, where she served as a pivotal instructor and Master Trainer. 2020 saw her further deepen her Pilates journey with Romana's Instructor Training Program, and by 2021, she proudly held the title of Romana's Pilates Level V instructor.

Jenn's recent years have been a balance of teaching at Body Central Pilates in Buckhead and nurturing her home studio. As of 2023, Jenn dedicates thirty teaching hours a week, passionately sharing her craft between these two beloved locations.
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David Stample

Meditation, Reiki, 1:1
David Stample stands as a beacon of transformation in the realm of spiritual wellness. As a certified Reiki master teacher and an intuitive spiritual guide, his mission is to empower individuals to awaken the innate healers within themselves. Specializing in reiki-infused, chakra-balancing methodologies, David crafts bespoke experiences that deeply nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

His offerings include individual and group sessions encompassing guided meditation, Reiki healing, and insightful card readings. These sessions are tailored to elevate energy levels, enhance clarity, and foster a profound connection with one's higher self. Beyond his healing work, David is also an ordained officiant, gracing weddings and other life celebrations with his spiritual presence.
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Kelsie Walker

Yoga, Pilates